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Mosiah 1-3: Were it Not for These Plates

Kyle Gill
April 19th, 2020 · 1 min read

Mosiah opens up with two scriptures that emphasize the value of the scriptural record for the Nephites:

Mosiah 1:3
3 And he also taught them concerning the records which were engraven on the plates of brass, saying: My sons, I would that ye should remember that were it not for these plates, which contain these records and these commandments, we must have suffered in ignorance, even at this present time, not knowing the mysteries of God.
5 I say unto you, my sons, were it not for these things, which have been kept and preserved by the hand of God, that we might read and understand of his mysteries, and have his commandments always before our eyes, that even our fathers would have dwindled in unbelief, and we should have been like unto our brethren, the Lamanites, who know nothing concerning these things, or even do not believe them when they are taught them, because of the traditions of their fathers, which are not correct.

“Were it not for these things” (meaning the scriptures and record recorded on the plates), the Nephites would have been set back to relive and relearn the harsh lessons their forefathers had to learn. I find this particularly interesting in a personal way. I often give myself to a false notion that once I learn something I will remember it, especially if it’s important to me. In practice, that is entirely untrue.

The Benefit of Spiritual Memories

Neil L. Anderson spoke to this exact same idea of recording valuable spiritual lessons in the most recent General Conference:

When personal difficulties or world conditions beyond our control darken our path, the spiritually defining memories from our book of life are like luminous stones that help brighten the road ahead.

Elder Anderson cited Joseph Smith as well, noting how valuable his recording of the first vision was to him years later. Joseph even claimed he wouldn’t believe himself had it not happened to him. The same is bound to happen to us if we let ourselves forget miracles occuring in our lives, and then we lose their guiding benefit.

The Importance of Writing things Down

King Benjamin shared a moving speech that was (thankfully) recorded. Think how many millions of people have been blessed by his words thanks to them writing them down and passing them around:

8 And it came to pass that he began to speak to his people from the tower; and they could not all hear his words because of the greatness of the multitude; therefore he caused that the words which he spake should be written and sent forth among those that were not under the sound of his voice, that they might also receive his words.

Like General Conference, not all the words of the Prophet reach everyone that needs to hear them. Not all the words of the Savior reach those that need to Hear Him.

In order to reach more of those that need guidance (that audience often being one’s self), writing down spiritual lessons is a small and simple means to accomplish something great.

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