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Mosiah 25-28: Becoming the Lord's People

Kyle Gill
May 24th, 2020 · 1 min read

Becoming the Lord’s people was a theme from Come, Follow Me this week that led me to think about modern parallels.

There was one neat scriptures in particular the manual pointed out. I found the exercise engaging as well where you were encouraged to look at how Mosiah’s people felt after hearing about the stories of Zeniff and Alma after reading the verses. The specific verses said:

Mosiah 25:7-8
7 And now, when Mosiah had made an end of reading the records, his people who tarried in the land were struck with wonder and amazement.
8 For they knew not what to think; for when they beheld those that had been delivered out of bondage they were filled with exceedingly great joy.

The phrase “they knew not what to think” stood out to me. When I think about those stories I imagine King Mosiah’s people must have felt a lot like we do when we tell pioneer stories. Both are (relative to their own timelines) 100-200 years back, experienced bad persecution, and the result was God delivering His people.

There is likely much more we have in common with King Mosiah & the likes of the Nephites.

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